Next Play Athletics Program

Welcome to Student Athlete & Family Advising

You know the pain of going through the college application and recruiting process - you might be going through that right now.  You have had a lot of frustration to this point. 

So why haven't you found the right school with a scholarship for you?

Been there. Found that.

I use what I've learned in my NCAA coaching and advising career for you to make the most of your talents to strike the scholarship of your dreams.

I'll help you find the right school for your ability, education, and walk you through the steps to attend that program. 

Directly translating into becoming a successful student-athlete.

What will we cover?

Helping you with:

  • Eligibility - For the NCAA, NAIA, USPORTS, Junior College.

  • Recruiting - How to get noticed with steps to take.

  • Academics - What's needed in the classroom to attend the school of your dreams.

  • Scholarships - Types of Athletic and Academic.

  • Regulations - the rules you need to follow for your sport.

What is included?

What you will receive:

  • Personal Family Adviser - Available to meet with your family to help make the right decisions.

  • Community - Connect with Next Play Athletics families and athletes going through the same process.

  • Handbook - Physical book with resources to walk you through the process.


50 Video Lessons

Lifetime access to Advice, How to's, Explanations, Reviews, and More!

View the curriculum:

Bonus Materials

You will also receive as part of our program:

  • Recruiting Checklist

  • Academic Checklist

  • Student Athlete Quizes

  • Recruiting Calendars

  • Phone Scripts

  • Email Templates

  • International Student Checklist

  • Recruiting Software Reviews

  • Graduation Plan

  • GPA SAT/ACT Calculator